European Music Industry: WAKE UP!

The iTunes Music Store has already been a blazing success, with a possible market penetration of 4% of PC users (namely Mac users), and now it’s available for Windows, too – IN THE US.
Negotiations seem to stand in the way to be able to open the store for european users. But why? How many million songs do they have to sell before the european music industry groks that there is money to be made?
I own more than 850 CDs, and they manage to piss me off by implementing copy protection. Look, I haven’t bought all these CDs to put them on Kazaa – thousands of people have done this already (also with copy protected CDs), I could easily get everything from there. Now at least I could get my MP3s legally in the iTMS – but they won’t let me.
In an unrelated message, Universal Music today announced to downsize 800 staff. HELLLLOOOOOO!

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