Apple gets it – again

Apple is currently running The Steve Show again, and have announced iTunes for Windows. While this would be an event in itself (“Hell freezes over”), the real killer is the opening of the iTunes Music Store for all Windows and Mac users, which will make all other digital music stores irrelevant. While the others still argue, Apple releases.
Killer feature, for an identity management and payment nut like me: the new version of the store has full AOL integration. Every AOL user can buy songs with his AOL user name/password – no extra registration required.
Apple’s goal is to sell 100 million songs by the end of April 04 – if they manage to do this (and I have no doubts here), who will talk of Napster??? And all this without strong DRM, and with the best user interface of all. Simplicity is king. This is exactly why I like Apple. Go, Steve!
UPDATE: here is the Quicktime video stream of the event.

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