Samsung SPH-i500 PalmOS powered SmartPhone review

Judie from The Gadgeteer has a detailed review of the long awaited Samsung SPH-i500 PalmOS powered SmartPhone, with lots of pictures.
Overall, Judie seems to be very impressed, especially with the quality. Unfortunately, there seem to be many small annoyances which make it look old-fashioned compared with other SmartPhones: “old” PalmOS (5.1), only 16 MB RAM (with NO SD Card support!), 162×176 pixels, no exterior display.
If you read the comments, you can see that this has been addressed in the GSM version of the phone, so it seems the US is a bit behind europe here. I haven’t seen that one in any store yet, unfortunately. A comparison test with Handspring’s Treo 600 would be interesting.

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