Russell: MacOS as subscription service

Once again, Russell sees deeper than most other people: without making a fuss of it, Apple has moved to a – successful – subscription service for their major OS upgrades.
“The coolest thing about this is that Apple slipstreamed this into common use. They didn’t make a big announcement about how they’re moving to a subscription model or some other hype. They just started *doing* it. Like clockwork, just about the period of time as Moore’s law, they produe another rev and charge a basic amount to everybody. The first couple of times everyone was a bit surprised, but now it’s just part of how Apple operates. And like most things Apple, it *just works*. Unlike Microsoft where you feel like you’re getting ripped off, somehow with Apple, that $129 feels like you’re supporting a common cause. It’s your yearly tithe to the Church of User Friendliness.”
So Russ, when will you finally quit whining about how great all this is whilst still buying PC hardware? Join the happy people and GET THAT POWERBOOK NOW! :)


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