Charles Haddad on copy protection

(Read the full article on wireless iPods here) “In time, the rest of the industry also will see the light. It won’t take long for music executives to learn that bludgeoning customers in a legal assault isn’t a smart way to do business. As file-sharing upstart Earth Station Five says on its Web site: “Resistance is futile.”
Just ask Microsoft (MSFT). It has been suing pirates for decades now. But instead of surrendering, pirates have just become ever more sophisticated in eluding punishment. Indeed, some would argue, that Microsoft’s aggressive strategy has turned a nuisance into a real competitive threat. The open-source code movement and Linux can trace their roots to the idea that breathed fire into early software piracy: that no one company should control the standard for either operating systems or major programs as word processing.
If the music industry is smart, it will learn from Redmond’s mistakes. Instead of trying to skewer pirates it will try to outfox them. And in such a strategy you couldn’t ask for a better partner than Apple, with its sophisticated understanding of the Internet, wireless technology, and ease of use.”

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