Steve’s Declaration of Independence from the RIAA

“Dear RIAA,
I wouldn’t buy another CD from you if you had the last CD on earth.
I hereby swear, on any and everything holy, that I will never, ever buy another CD, not one mp3, not a attend a concert, not buy one piece of merchandise that might ever put a lousy penny, not one red cent in your grubby, dirty, foul smelling hands.
I also swear that I will, by all means within my power, go out of my way to make sure that no one I ever encounter gives you any opportunity to make money from them. I will patiently explain at every opportunity to anyone who will listen what pathetic dinosaurs you are, how you threaten children downloading If You’re Happy and You Know it, and how willing you are stoop so low for money, not principle.
You couldn’t make a product that I would ever consider buying again, or allow people I know to buy. I will go out of my way to support any band, no matter how awful they might be or out of a genre of music I don’t care for, that won’t have anything to do with you.
I hope your legally-perverted, falsely propped-up business model dies like so many dinosaurs before you.
Steve Mallett
On a related note: The RIAA is trying to steal $2000 from a twelve year old girl. If you want to help, look here.
To the RIAA: we will never understand why you focus on making money through lawsuits instead of creating a way for consumers to buy digital music that is no more restricted in its use than CDs are. Apple has shown that this is perfectly possible.


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