Product Managers are therapists

[Via Scoble via Don Box via Mike Vernal] “(And here is the wrap-up.) Really, as Sam points out, I’m a therapist. I make people talk to each other. Or if they’re not talking to each other directly, I convey information between the two. I participate in the design discussions … so I can credibly describe them to other people. I put together presentations. I make sure the Devs are talking to the Testers and vice versa. I write lots and lots of email (if you’re frustated because I take forever to respond to personal email, it’s because I spend my entire day responding to email at work, and I’m loathe to do it at home). I schedule and conduct meetings … where people talk. As our product cycle progresses, I’ll spend more of my time talking to customers using our bits, getting feedback.
So, really, I think that’s the common factor amongst all PMs — PMs are facilitators of communication. The more gregarious, inclusive, and communicative a PM, the better. I thought I would have spent a lot more of my time on technical design work, but I’m actually ok with the communication schtick. At least it’s not lonely.”
I couldn’t describe my job better, so thanks for that perfect characterisation. On a second thought, maybe I should get a couch for my office.

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