Idiot expenses: $40.54

I just bought FileRevival, a $40.54 Shareware that recovers accidentally deleted files. I had to. Why? I’m too dumb to use my software properly. I bought a tool called Synchredible last week, I’m using it to backup my important stuff to a removable USB drive.
Last week, I re-installed my Notebook. I backed up all the important stuff on the external drive, formatted, re-installed, and all is well and faster than before. I didn’t bother restoring everything to the Notebook yet – free space on your hard drive is something you want to enjoy for a few days. I just copied the important
stuff, Mozilla, Mail and such. Tonight, I thought I’d better backup my “My Documents” directory to make sure my emails are save. Maybe there was one beer too many, in any case I didn’t notice that the box that said “delete everything not in the originating folder” was ticked. I knew something was wrong when it told me it had deleted 7558 files. A quick look on my backup drive confirmed my worst fears: there was nothing BUT my email on it, everything else was gone…
Now I’m sitting here waiting for the registration code for FileRevival to arrive…
Go on, tell me how I could have done it with some cool OSS stuff – somehow I felt paying to be dumb was only fair.

Update: the registration key arrived in due time. FileRevival worked for a few hours, created thousands of files and folders, unfortunately none of them contain what they claim to. I’m a broken man…


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