Looking for old notebook that can boot from USB stick

In the “old days” (1989) I have written a Clipper application that runs in MS-DOS and is still in heavy use by my client (i.e. my mother).
We have exchanged the noisy PC for an old Pentium 75 notebook, which also makes her work portable. On the PC, we used a second hard drive for backup, XCOPY did the job in ten seconds.
There is no way to put a second hard drive into the notebook. I am looking for a way to support flash memory of any kind (PCMCIA/Compact Flash, USB stick) in DOS on the notebook. I know that some notebooks are capable of booting off a USB stick, unfortunately there’s no way of telling which one of the old notebooks does that (I’m thinking in the line of a Thinkpad 380 XD, or even older machines).
Windows or any other OS is not an option. Can anybody point me to ressources that could help me? Thanks already.
UPDATE: I have found this site with tons of USB DOS Ressources – I’ll give it a try.


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