More details on the Sony PSP

This Czech web site (via Erik) has pictures of the actual device as well as images of a presentation giving lots of details on the “Gadget of the year” for 2004.
The PSP seems to be quite a bit larger than, say, the Gameboy Advance SP and resembles the new Sony Clies in design.
Games will come on what they call the “Universal Media Disc (UMD)”, a 1.8 GB optical medium. Might be something like a mini-DVD. That, together with the PSP’s MPEG4 capabilities, makes for lots of interesting stuff: movies, databases, music videos, personal videos. I sure hope there’s going to be a writer for those discs (maybe built-in??? ), and that this is not going to be another proprietary format.
What I found a bit disturbing is that wireless connectivity doesn’t seem to be built-in, but must be added through the memory stick slot. As this is also going to be used for saved games and such, I wonder how this is going to work. To my knowledge, there is no combined memory/wireless MS available yet. Maybe two slots would be better.
All in all: it’s already on my christmas shopping list for next year. My daughter will be old enough to inherit my Gameboy Advance SP then :)


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