The Hussein bounty

The New York Times in an article about the killing of Saddam Hussein’s sons:

“Neighbors saw the owner of the house, Nawaf al-Zaydan, and his son Shahlan sitting in American vehicles. People asked him what had happened and he told them that Uday and Qusay Hussein were inside the house. He had gone to bring breakfast for them, he said, when the Americans arrested him.
Neighbors found it strange that he appeared totally calm and was smoking in the car, General Jajawi said, even as the battle gradually wrecked the walls of his house.
Farhan Sharafani, a tribal leader and a member of the Kurdish Parliament, said there was a widespread belief that Mr. Zaydan had turned the men in to avenge a slight.”

Is it really wise to make the name of the person who gave away the location public? There are still loyal regime followers in Iraq, they better put the guy into witness protection. Will this put off other Iraqis who might have information?

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