More on phone configuration

After ranting about mobile phone configuration woes I thought a bit more about solutions.
For general (read: TelCo specific) WAP and GPRS settings, some manufacturers (like SonyEricsson and Nokia) provide OTA (over the air) configuration free of charge. Unfortunately, if you want to use different gateways or email setups you’re still out of luck.
Not everybody switches phones as often as I do, but the need to configure a phone will come sooner or later, for a representative part of the population.
Wouldn’t it be nice if I could save my configuration in a device independant file and have that sent to my phone and do all the whizbang stuff? This would stop me from worrying where in the menu the email provider setup or the generic internet access GPRS configuration need to be put. It might also contain SMS configurations, SyncML servers and other stuff.
Just dreaming…

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