Mitch Kapor and the Nokia 3650

Mitch Kapor bought a Nokia 3650 and finds out that this is where problems start:

I find the email completely baffling and deeply frustrated. ATT is using its mLife branding all over, and I can’t figure out what it is or how it works. Today there’s a big color supplement in the S.F. Chronicle pushing it. If I can’t get things to work, I can only imagine what it’s like for others.
The documentation isn’t very helpful and I haven’t been able to locate useful online resources. The support forums on the ATT Wireless site are pretty random.
What I’m looking for is someone to explain how all the various service options fit together. Mike McCue from TellMe Networks said he though that mMode mail is kind of like a webmail service, i.e., it’s an email service hosted by ATT, that they try to steer people too. What I want is to configure the phone to be a POP client. I think I see where to do this, but it appears to require going through mMode, which doesn’t make any sense. You see how confused I am.

Well, Mitch Kapor isn’t exactly a non-techie: he was the founder of Lotus Development Corp. as well as the EFF, so he should know how to use computerized stuff.
Anyway, I often see problems like this with new phone users. Actually, I don’t personally know more than 5 people who know how to configure their phones regarding WAP, GPRS or eMail.
On some occasions, I had to look up settings on the providers wep pages, and I can understand Mitch: the TelCos are spending millions on marketing and brand campaigns for their new services, yet fail to provide simple instructions for users who don’t buy their phones pre-configured or want to use their own email service.
I can easily find the information I need on web based BBS about mobile technologies, like the german Telefon-Treff, but that’s just not how it should be. After all, only people actively using their phones generate revenue for the providers. Wise up!

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