Embedding digital ID in blogs via FOAF

“Then there’s the usage of FOAF which will put a stamp onto the world’s digital identity psyche and put a taste in our mouths for universal digital identities.
FOAF currently supports a unique identifier for mailboxes.. The sha1sum of the URI of an Internet mailbox associated with exactly one owner, the first owner of the mailbox – (“41e872618d70ba18a7af715083f522afe7fc3238″ is mine)
So it could easily support other unique identifiers – like the Liberty Alliance, Passport or a People’s DNS OpenIdentity string.
We don’t have to let the enterpises and Microsoft dictate to us how we identify ourselves. We can have an open, proxy server kind of DNS service – which will enable shared address books, global ‘resumes’ (which can be easily kept up to date), Listings services and all sorts of shortcut mechanisms.
Embedding digital ID info into your blog – will be the next big thing.” [via Marc’s Voice]
Great idea.

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