The New York Times on corporate use of blogs

The New York time features an article called “Blogs in the Workplace“. It gives examples of companies that use weblogs successfully to enhance internal communications.
Interesting examples:
Competitor Analysis: “The telephone and wireless giant Verizon Communications uses a Web log to collect news and intelligence about the industry and competitors. “We used to spend lots of time e-mailing articles around but not keeping track of them,” said Sean Byrnes, the lead architect on Verizon’s project for Wi-Fi wireless Internet access. His group now consolidates such information in a series of topic-specific blogs.”
Team updates: “At Community Connect, Mr. Tang’s engineers use a service called LiveJournal to post updates about tasks like fixing server computers or configuring software. Hitting the upload button sends the text to a private site, viewable by the authors and their managers, including the date and time of the postings and, often, links to relevant Web pages.”
There are many uses that can be envisioned. Whatever they are, using a free or cheap weblog tool at the very least helps you record information that might otherwise be lost.

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