T-Mobile global WLAN passport

Matthew fooled me (again). When I read this, I immediately went to the T-Mobile site looking for a link to apply. Unfortunately, he just made this up.
Funny enough, I had been thinking about a service like that a few days ago. I was walking through Munich on a business trip and had my Tungsten C with me, looking for WLAN hotspots with NetChaser. On my 500m walk to the office alone, I found 11 hotspots. Wouldn’t it be inccredibly nice if you could just log on to these (legally) and do your thing? There are lots of commercial hotspots as well, and each of them has a different way of charging for the service. I bet the hotels could double their income from WLAN if they would allow non-guests to use the service. T-Mobile, if you want to put this service on my mobile phone bill – feel free!
This might also be working in a community concept: register your private access point for the service and particpate from passers-by using your net connection. The service provider will pay you a part of the fee each month, or simply credit it onto *your* account.
There is a german initiative for such a service on http://www.greenspot.de. Unfortunately, it seems that they’re not yet operative. Do you know any others? Are TelCos working on this?

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