Firmware update for Palm Tungsten C available

Palm has released a firmware upgrade for the Tungsten C:
“The Palm TCUpdate.prc is a software update for the Palm Tungsten C handheld. It resolves the following issues:
* Prevents possible deletion of MAC addresses while ensuring reliable network configurations using MAC address filtering.
* Web Browser caching and refresh updates.
* HotSpot compatibility updates to allow connectivity to the top HotSpot providers.
* VPN User Interface updates to ensure seamless connectivity while VPN is enabled.
* Versamail updates specific to Auto Get Mail and the included VPN client.
* Updates to reduce audio popping and clicking sounds emitted from the built in speaker. ”
Please make sure you have a FULL backup of your Palm (i.e. using BackupBuddy or SyncWizard) before applying this as it will erase the memory.


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