Tom Yager: Apple, please don’t mess with SPEC

Tom Yager: “Apple’s real-world performance demos were impressive enough to make Jobs’ point. Jobs showed Photoshop rendering densely-layered graphics twice as fast on a G5 as on a Xeon. He showed pro audio software that could play 1,000 overlapping tracks of digital audio, with 100 simultaneous real-time 8-band equalizers, while a Windows PC stuttered through an audio mix far less complex. He showed the new OS X, code-named Panther, doing smooth, anti-aliased OpenGL GUI animations on the desktop. Watch the keynote video to see what happens when you use the fast user switch feature. Beautiful and fun. The keynote elicited lots of gasps, tons of applause. It was a total success for Apple and Jobs. The Power Mac G5 shows major ass-kicking potential. Apple’s got too much class to resort to sketchy benchmarks.”
Tom’s right – Apple’s still not par MHz wise, so just forget about that. It was never about benchmarks, give us real world performance. Oh yes, and please try to come up with more demos like this time – we are sick of seing Photoshop as the favourite Apple benchmark. You’re only stipulating the myth that Macs are only for graphics people – let the world know that Macs are for everyone!

Update: Greg Joswiak from Apple defends Apple’s performance claims in a slashdot article.

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