Belkin supports wireless distribution system

My WLAN router sits in the basement, and I always had problems getting decent coverage in my living room on the ground floor. A few weeks ago I bought the Belkin 54g router which has the best coverage so far – but it’s still not good enough for the solid walls I’m living in.
I came across the official 802.11g update on wednesday, and I read in the release notes that Belkin now supports WDS (wireless distribution system), i.e. wireless bridging/repeating. This was just what I was looking for, so I got the Belkin 54g Access Point and went home to set it up.
Setup was straightforward – update both systems to the latest firmware, configure same channel/SSID, enter the AP’s MAC address in the router’s WDS table – bingo.
I first had the channels set differently, butt thanks to NetChaser on my Palm I saw that pretty fast. The Tungsten C could be in for a career in WLAN maintenance.

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