Handspring announces Treo 600 Smartphone

The curtain has been lifted – Handspring has announced details on their last product before the merger with Palm, the Treo 600.
Technical details:

  • A great everyday mobile phone—designed with the smaller, narrower look and feel of a mobile phone
  • Fast Palm OS 5 organizer running on an ARM processor
  • Fully-integrated QWERTY keyboard—optimized for this amazingly compact device—makes dialing the phone or typing email and messages easier than ever
  • New web browser that allows you to surf any web site—including JavaScript enabled sites—and even download software
  • Built-in digital camera so you can take and send pictures in an instant or connect a face to a phone number with picture caller ID
  • Built-in SD/MMC expansion slot for adding memory, content or hardware (supports SD I/O)
  • Five-way navigation for optimal one-handed use
  • Improved battery life for longer talk time and standby time
  • Bright color display that provides great readability both indoors and out

These new Treo 600 smartphones will be priced at a premium compared to the current Treo line, and are expected to begin shipping late this fall. Handspring plans to offer a special upgrade program for existing Treo owners.
There is also a video on the site showing more details.


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