On my trip to Munich I decided to do some WARwalking. I found the first AP (with NetChaser) in Munich central station, but it crashed Palm’s standard web browser (Web Pro) several times. I then tried the standard version which worked well – and presented me with a login screen from german rail (Bahn AG). To get the login, I either had to be a frequent railer (which I thought I was, but it turned out I need a few more miles before I am) or I could have paid 10 Euros. No guest card available. Funny concept.
On my walk to the office, I found several more APs, but none of them would let me in. Anybody know a comprehensive directory of free WLAN hotspots for germany?
All in all, an excellent experience regarding myTungsten’s WLAN capabilities. Bits and Bolts NetChaser is highly recommended and worked really well.


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