Julie’s got an iPod

Julie Strietelmeier, The Gadgeteer, got a brand new 30 Gig iPod, and she likes it. I’m envious.
“The iPod is now my constant companion. I listen to music during the day in my cube (day job), in the car going to and from home, and even right now as I sit in front of my PC writing this review. Take it from me, if you love music, you MUST get one of these players! It will really change the way you listen to your music. When you’re in the mood for a certain song in your collection, you just scroll to it and boom, you’re groovin. And contrary to what the record companies fear, my iPod has actually made me start buying CDs again to add to my collection. I received 4 new discs for my birthday, and am already making a list of some other must have albums. Now I need to find a case and an FM transmitter, and an add-on radio, and… oh boy! :o)”


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