Palm and Handspring re-united!

Wow, that’s something I didn’t expect:
Palm Announces Acquisition of Handspring to Bolster Industry Leadership; Board Approves PalmSource Spin-off
Transaction Scheduled to Close in Fall, Driving Transformation of Handheld Industry

  • Combined Leadership Creates Greater Opportunity for Growth and

  • Operational Synergies Provide Path to Cost Savings and Profitability
  • Merged Company to Aggressively Drive the Future of Mobile Devices

“These two bold moves will serve as a powerful catalyst to transform the landscape of the handheld industry. The strategic choice of merging Handspring and the Palm Solutions Group of Palm will create the broadest portfolio and the most-experienced leadership team in the industry, fully capable of delivering value to customers, partners and shareholders,” said Eric Benhamou, Palm, Inc. chairman and chief executive officer, and chairman of PalmSource. “And the spin-off of PalmSource will help grow the Palm Economy, attract additional licensees and unlock shareholder value.”
“This is a merger of leaders — the world’s leading maker of handheld computers and a global leader of Palm OS based smartphones,” said Todd Bradley, Palm Solutions Group president and chief executive officer. “Having the best and broadest portfolio of innovative products that deliver what matters most to customers, sold by a robust channel and built from a foundation of operational excellence, is the best formula to expand our young, promising markets.”
“Palm and Handspring share a vision that handheld computers and smartphones have the potential to redefine the landscape of personal computing,” said Donna Dubinsky, chief executive officer of Handspring. “This merger brings together the best teams in the industry, and strengthens us to realize this vision.”
Read the full press release here.

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