John Porcaro responds to my experience.
Maybe I will come back to try again, but I’m also tougher than the usual customer when it comes to trouble. This looks to me like a company run by marketing, buzzwords and Excel, rather than passion.
My rants about this might be interesting to them, but I doubt they’ll read it. Sure, there may be a way to send this feedback to them, but why should I? They’ve already wasted a lot of my time. “You only get one chance to make a first impression” sure holds true, even in internet time.
There is, however, also a small complaint to Microsoft included in my posting: I have a vanilla Win2k installation, and when I tried listening to the samples, Media Player came up, but didn’t start playing. Wouldn’t it be nice if the bloody thing told me what was the matter? I’m a bright guy, I can figure out most IT problems, but you have to give me a chance. That’s the one single thing I hate most about Microsoft stuff: when it fails, it fails – it hardly ever gives you any clue.


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