Inspired by a post on John Porcaro’s weblog i went to to look for MP3 versions of two books , the “Cluetrain Manifesto” and “Gonzo Marketing”.
Summary: this was one of the worst shopping experiences, and I ended up not buying anything at all. I found both books – so far so good. Then I wanted to listen to an excerpt. Although audible supports umpteen sound formats for their books, the samples can only be listened to in either Windows Media Player or Real Player. I only have WMP, so I chose that. Sure enough, it popped up, but failed to play (no, no firewalls or similar stuff) – and that happened after I closed Mozilla and re-visited the site with IE. I went over to my iBook to check if anything was different there, but nada – IE on the Mac opened the .pl file instead of giving me an audio player choice.
Even funnier: on my PC, I have 5 different sound formats available for cluetrain, on the Mac only 3. Huh???
Guys, if you want me to buy from you, you need to do better than this. Go ask Apple how they do it.


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