“PC support, Russell speaking”

Russell‘s mom got a new PC. After talking to his mom yesterday, Russell’s first comment was “I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT MICROSOFT XP IS! 45 Minutes and we’re still not online. No clear errors. No connection.”

I was soooo tempted to talk about how he should have told them to get a Mac in the first place. I resisted, as Russell sure knows things and knows what is best for his family. Then, today he had to say this:

“I got a comment about a Mac. I would’ve LOVED to encourage my parents to buy a Mac (I’m not in the financial position right now to buy anyone anything), however I don’t have a Mac (yet) so I can’t play technical support it’s as simple as that. And PCs still beat Macs on price/performance/ease of purchase. My parents live in the middle of nowhere and had to drive 40 minutes over a mountain to get to WalMart as it was. I don’t know if Wally sells Macs, but even if they did I would have no way of helping them from here and my Mom is Windows-literate now as well and would take a lot in terms of retraining in order to move over. A Mac would be nice, though, wouldn’t it? It would Just Work… ”

That’s exactly my experience :)

Ease of purchase? Macs have always been sold through mail order. I doubt that WalMart will be of any help, however close they may be. As for the price – that goes with the problems, I guess :) The iMac is below $1000, and I doubtnbspthat it doesn’t do things any mum usually does with a PC. I’m not sure if the cost of Russell’s support phone calls wouldn’t have been enough to go for a Mac. I don’t know about spain, but calling to the US from germany is still VERY expensive.

My mom (62 years now) got a Mac about 5 years ago, because I was fed up with having to support the windows box (which was next to impossible…). My “duties” have gone down quite a bit ever since. She now even has a Titanium Powerbook, i.e. a faster and better machine than I have…


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