Homefront vs. Blair

Yesterday I saw Tony Blair talk about how iraqi soldiers have executed british prisoners of war, with contempt in his voice. This is what he said (excerpts): “His thugs prepared to kill their own people, the parading of prisoners of war, and now the release of those pictures of executed British soldiers…”
“If anyone needed any further evidence of the depravity of Saddam’s regime, this atrocity provides it.
“It is yet one more flagrant breach of all the proper conventions of war.”
“More than that, to the families of the soldiers involved, it is an act of cruelty beyond comprehension. Indeed, it is beyond the comprehension of anyone with an ounce of humanity in their souls.”

As there is obviously no proof for this, I went to bed thinking: what if the families of these soldiers rejected that claim?

Now, today’s news has this: “THE first victim of war is always the truth. This morning Nina Allsopp knows that more than most.
Yesterday she saw her Prime Minister tell the world her hero brother Luke was callously executed by Iraqi soldiers and then paraded dead on television.
Tony Blair used this sensational assertion to justify why Saddam Hussein has got to be removed.
But the Allsopp family had been told a totally different story.
Their boy’s colonel assured them that Luke was NOT executed and had in fact died instantly in combat when his armoured car was ambushed.
There is a huge difference in the two versions of events. Both to the ongoing propaganda war and to the Allsopp family.
The same colonel reiterated the truth about how Luke died to them yesterday – and said he was trying to get the record set straight.”
More here and here.


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