Microsoft is looking for Ellen Feiss

After Microsoft’s last attempt to copy Apple’s highly successful Switch-Ads, the 90% market share giant goes after the 5% Mac users again. This time maybe even with real people.
I liked what a MacNN reader made of their email:
“The marketing campaign called ‘Sloppy Seconds’ kicks off in April and runs through the summer of 2003, or until Microsoft find a switcher who is genuine – Whichever comes first.

Sloppy Seconds will highlight computer professionals and anyone else we can dig up (literally) who has recently converted from Apple Computer products to Microsoft based systems. For you be considered for inclusion in the Sloppy Seconds marketing program, you must be an Earth or Extra Terrestrial resident with a minimum of 3 years experience as a computer professional, or you have to have an understanding of why an Apple and a Window are different. You must have used an Apple Computer product or seen a TV ad for a fruit themed product once in your life. Anything will do really. If you’re a young girl who speaks in an amusing manner (like you’re stoned) and roll your eyes about a bit we would really like to meat, er sorry, meet you.

If you have used a Microsoft based system as part of your work then you’ll be too busy messing around with configs, Passport and IRQ’s to contact us but we don’t get to speak to many people here so give us a buzz while you’re waiting for the Blue Screen of Death to go away….It really would be nice to chat. Make sure you have your credit card handy. Oh, and a crowbar and some muscle relaxant.

This correspondence is the result of information provided by the following companies or organizations: Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, other people we met some time ago, somewhere but we have forgotten their names .”


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