iBlogging Macworld San Francisco

5 Minutes to the first important Mac event of this year. I’m iChatting with Matthew on my iBook, watching the webcast on my work notebook and blogging on my home PC. My wife is away visiting a friend, so if DSL stays up this will be a nice geek evening :)

The iPod has 42% market share in JAPAN – eat this, Sony!

Ovidiu is going to join us in iChat – ain’t technology cool…

Final Cut Express for $299 – WOW

Steve talks about fully integrating the iApps…

iPhoto 2 is integrated with iTunes. Neat.

iMovie 3 has chapters and iPhoto integration, and audio editing at last! Time to learn how to use my video camera!

The new integrated suite is called “iLive“, available on January 25th, STILL AS A FREE DOWNLOAD! Thanks, Steve.

SAFARI! Steve announces Apple’s own web browser!

It’s FAST, it has Google integration. A new way of handling bookmarks (which looks like Phoenix’s way to me…). A quick way to get back to the first page of a web site. Integrated bug feedback form. It’s based on OSS – maybe that’s why it looks like Phoenix. The HTML engine is KHTML, Apple gives back the improvements to the Open Source community! FREE DOWNLOAD today!

Next: KEYNOTE, a presentation app.

Steve tells us he’s been using keynote to do all his 2002 keynote presentations!

Great graphics features – rotate, opacity, resize. Easy table handling. Image transitions.Import & Export PowerPoint, export Quicktime and PDF. Fully XML based, open file format! 99$

A 17″ PowerBook – WOW!

1 inch thick, even thinner than the last version! Keyboard backlighting! Not painted. 1 GHz G4, GeForce4 440 Go, SuperDrive, FireWire 800, Gigabit Ethernet. Bluetooth built in! Airport Extreme with 802.11g (54 MBit)! Antennas in the screen at last. 4.5 hours battery life. $3.299!!!!!

Airport Extreme base station: 802.11g, bridging, 50 users, USB printing!!!

That’s a killer Macworld already, but…

One more thing…

Looks like there’s a 12″ PowerBook!!!

Now this is cool… Smaller than the iBook, slot load combo drive, 867 MHz G4, GeForce4 420, Bluetooth, Airport Extreme ready, battery life 5 hours, 256 MB RAM – $1799!!!!! I WANT ONE NOW!!!

Steve: this is gonna be the year of the notebook for Apple!

Great new TV ads for the two new Powerbooks.

That seems to be it – no new iPod, but definitely a great Macworld. Gotta go browse through my stuff now, need to buy a new PowerBook…

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